Tilden Resolution Supporting Senate Bill 2416 for Reparations for African Americans in New York

Reparations for African American in NYS

The Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club

WHEREAS, the New York State Senate has introduced Senate Bill 2416 for the purpose of addressing the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery in the history of the City and State of New York; and

WHEREAS, the enslavement that proliferated in New York constituted an immoral and inhumane deprivation of African Americans’ life, liberty, property, citizenship rights, cultural heritage, and denied them the fruits of their own labor; and

WHEREAS, systematic and pervasive discrimination of African Americans in housing, education, commerce, recreation, and healthcare, which still exists today, has resulted in disparate generational poverty; and

WHEREAS, the Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club hereby endorses Senate Bill 2416 to establish a commission to examine the institution of slavery in New York, racial and economic discrimination against African Americans, and the economic impact thereof, and to recommend appropriate remedies, financial and otherwise, to the legislature for its consideration and approval.

Therefore, be it
Resolved, the Samuel J Tilden Democratic Club urges the New York State Senate to pass S 2416, and the Governor to sign it into law.

Be it further Resolved, the Samuel J Tilden Democratic Club urges the New York Assembly to take up companion legislation to support S 2416, and the Governor to sign it into law.

Dated, May 18,2023

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Endorsement Correction

The Tilden membership voted to endorse for the following offices.

NYS Senate 29th District (new)
Brian Kavanagh
New York County Civil Court 4th District
Matthew Bondy
New York County Surrogate’s Court
Hilary Gingold
New York County-Wide Civil Court
E. Deronn Bowen


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