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CORRECTED: Historic Meeting, Toys 4 Tots, Memberships & Judicial Inductions

Last night's meeting was an historic occasion, as we were joined by the members of Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats (who were meeting downstairs). State Senator Liz Krueger spoke to the combined membership on a variety of topics, providing great insight, answering questions and revealing her brilliant wit. (We wish her a happy birthday.)

This get-together was fun and productive, and a good example - like our recent multi-club Presidential Forum - of how Democrats can work together for the common good. Let's keep on that path!

You will be receiving information very soon on the 2015 Toys 4 Tots "Toyapalooza." Our annual fundraiser is being held on Saturday December 12 from 1 to 3 pm at Paul and Jimmy's (123 East 18th Street), between Irving and Park Avenue South. There are rumors of surprise guest appearances, including Vice President Greg Martello. Greg, we hope you are doing better and able to attend.

You will also be receiving membership renewal applications soon, and the form will also be posted on the website. Your 2016 Tilden Membership Cards are a-waiting  and you'll be able to say "Yes, I am a card-carrying member of Tilden!"

Judicial inductions are underway. Congratulations to Justice Ta-Tanisha James who was inducted on November 19. The following inductions are coming up:

Arthur Engoron 12/3/15; 4:30 PM; 111 Centre Street

Tanya Kennedy; 12/10/15; 5:00 pm; 60 Centre Street

Lisa Headley; 12/11/15; 5:30 pm; Poet's Den & Gallery, 309 East 108th Street

Raymond Bruce; 12/17/15; 4:30 pm; 60 Centre Street

Arlene P. Bluth; 1/7/16; 4:30 pm; 111 Centre Street (Judge Bluth is a former District Leader)

Lyle Frank; 1/14/16; 4:30 pm; 111 Centre Street (President Mark Thompson is honored to serve as MC for the induction)

Democratically Yours,

Mark P. Thompson


Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club




Toyapalooza and November 19 meeting Agenda

Save The Date notices for the Tilden Toys 4 Tots Toyapalooza will be going out soon. The event is Saturday, December 12 at Paul and Jimmy's.  The program begins at 1 pm and will include great food and musical entertainment by Tilden's own Adam Smale. Tickets go quickly, so be ready to pounce!

I'd like to extend best wishes to Vice President Greg Martello, who is using his super powers to recover at home. Greg, we miss you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Please see below the draft agenda for this month's General Membership Meeting. If you have not attended at least one meeting this year, you must attend this meeting to be eligible to vote.


Draft Agenda for November Monthly General Membership Meeting

Thursday, November 19

7:30 PM at Seafarer's Institute

East 15th Street at Irving Place

1 Call to Order

2 Elections Report

3 Dinner Report

4 Toys 4 Tots Report and Donations Committee Report

5 President's Report

6 District Leaders' Report

7 Old/New Business

8 Adjournment and Celebration (whooping it up required)


Mark P. Thompson

President, Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club



Congratulations to Tildenite Lyle Frank!!

Congratulations to Tilden's own Lyle Frank, who was elected in a landslide victory as Civil Court Judge in Tuesday's election. We are all very proud of Lyle and his accomplishments, and extend our best to Lyle's wife Elyssa Kates and their children, Catherine and Gavin.

Democratically Yours,

Mark P. Thompson

President, Samuel J. Tlden Democratic Club



Tilden Elections Committee Announcement, Vote Tuesday AND MORE!

Greetings, Please read the important letter regarding Club elections follow by more! Hello Fellow Tildenites, The Elections Committee met on October 22, 2015 to elect a chairperson and discuss committee business. I am honored to introduce myself as the chairperson of Tilden's Election Committee for this year. I am grateful for the privilege to do service for our wonderful club! I am equally pleased to report that it is time for club elections!! The Elections Committee is ready to accept nominations for club Officers and Executive Committee Members. According to our By-Laws, you may nominate yourself or others for office. As you know, the Club Officer positions are: President; Vice-President (3 "V-P" spots); Corresponding Secretary; Recording Secretary; and Treasurer. We have 12-16 spots on our Executive Committee. According to our By-Laws, all persons nominated must be members in good-standing. In addition, we ask that all candidates be willing and able to attend at least three Executive Committee meetings, and participate in club events. If you wish to nominate anyone for this year's elections, please submit the names of all persons you wish to nominate, specifying the office you wish to nominate them for, to me at: by November 16, 2015. At our November 19, 2015 Club Meeting, we will report the names of those nominated as of November 16. However, nominations from the floor may be entertained at our November 19 meeting, at which point nominations will be closed. Also, please note that the Elections Committee and Executive Committee will hold a "Candidates Night" on Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at the Seafarer's International House (15th Street and Irving Place, 2nd Floor) which all nominees must attend and make a presentation in support of their candidacy. The elections will then take place ten days later at our January 21, 2016 Annual Club Meeting. I look forward to receiving your nominations and seeing you at the Candidates Night on January 11! Best, Kate Kathleen C. Waterman, Esq. ------------------------------- Please remember to vote tomorrow, November 3. Encourage your neighbors to vote, too, so that we can have a good turnout. I would like to thank all of the Tildenites who attended Sunday's Presidential Forum. The attendance was remarkable - estimated at 300 people - and those present watched a lively debate among representatives of the Democratic candidates. The remarkable Ronnie Eldridge moderated and Assembly member Keith Wright represented the Clinton campaign. Tilden had the loudest contingent present and your shout outs were appreciated! Regards, Mark Thompson President Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club