Endorsement Correction

The Tilden membership voted to endorse for the following offices.

NYS Senate 29th District (new)
Brian Kavanagh
New York County Civil Court 4th District
Matthew Bondy
New York County Surrogate’s Court
Hilary Gingold
New York County-Wide Civil Court
E. Deronn Bowen


Save the date April 7 at 6:30 p.m.
Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club
An awards dinner will be held at the National Arts Club 
15 Gramercy Park South, Manhattan

Tilden Democrats Statement on Anti-Asian Racism- STOP THE HATE!

We stand in  solidarity with Asian and Asian-American communities facing a continuing series of racist attacks across America. Anti-Asian racism has been ongoing in the United States since it’s beginning. Our City will not tolerate this ever ! The COVID-19 pandemic has targetted Asian-Americans across the country by people who are motivated by white supremacist beliefs and encouraged by right-wing politicians and media figures.
We can be assured that we have a President and administration who stand with us in fighting racism at all costs. One of the first acts as President was to issue an anti-hate document and one that we can all abide by.  Please take a moment to read it here.