The Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club has been officially nominated as a “best club” for a Demmy Award.  It is not too late to let the Demmy Committee know why Tilden should win.  Tell them about your love for Tilden, why you belong to the Club, what you have accomplished, how the Club has been involved in the community, how much fun it is to be a member of Tilden, how you met your true love through Tilden, discuss the issues we address, mention the great candidates we help elect, and make it clear that we are the Best Club!

There are only three other Clubs up for the award so it’s important we all vote and ask our friends and family members to vote. You need to vote ASAP since the award ceremony is Monday (July 14).

You can vote by sending an email to In the subject line state ‘Voting for Tilden as Best Club.’