Tilden Elections January 22

Hello Tildenites,
Just one more week to our 2015 Elections!
The Elections will take place on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 7:00 p.m., at The Seafarer’s
Institute on 15th Street and Irving Place, 2nd Floor. The Elections are conducted by secret ballot.
The following is a list of all of positions and the candidates running for those positions. Each candidate is a Tilden member in good standing:
Position Candidate
President Mark P. Thompson
Vice-President Greg Martello Wilber Weder Claude L. Winfield
Recording Secretary Ellen Imbimbo
Corresponding Secretary Sandy Hecker
Treasurer Patricia Levenson
Executive Committee
Elizabeth Aivars
Ahsia Badi
Genevieve Cervera
Mollie Dunlap
David Garodnick
Laura Koestler
Alan Krevis
Greg Lambert
Laura Lopez
Max Markham
Janice Plumer
Esther Ramos
Marcia Robinson
Virginia Rosario
Paula Schaeffer
Sandro Sherrod
Amelia Smollens
Charles Sturcken
Sharon Sylvester
Shelley Winfield
Arthur Wolf
Alicia Zanelli
Any of the candidates may request a membership list from the Treasurer. Thank you for your continued dedication to Tilden and our community!
Very truly yours,
The Elections Committee
Kathleen C. Waterman, Chairperson