Endorsement Meeting: Results ‘n More

Tilden met last night with in a packed-chapel turnout to endorse canidates in several races. Hearty congratulations to Tilden’s own Lyle Frank, who was unanimously endorsed for Civil Court Judge District 2. Congratulations to Louise Dankberg, who was reelected as Female District Leader, and Sandro Sherrod, who was elected as Male District Leader. Tanya Kennedy received a unanimous endorsement for Countywide Civil Court Judge. We were joined by Eleanor Kennedy, Judge Kennedy’s Mother, who was there to hear her daughter speak and receive accolades from the Club members. After the meeting, more than 40 Club members retired to Mumbles where we enjoyed festivities and lots of laughter. 

We would like to thank our current Male District Leader, Steve Smollens, who served the Club and District for many years and continues to be an integral member of Tilden. In adition to his many activities and his support for the Club, Steve has been an amazing and valuable resource to everyone in the area of housing and tenant advocacy, and has provided members with an education on all related matters.

We were joined by City Council Members Inez Dickens and our own Dan Garodnick; Dan may have agreed to bring future Tilden President Asher Garodnick to our next meeting.

Shelley Winfield, Chair of the Housing Committee, presented a resolution to the Club; it was voted on and approved. The text of the resolution and additional information will be sent in an upcoming update.

Stay tuned for more information on petitioning.

Note: The Executive Committee will be meeting at 7 pm on Monday, June 1. Members will receive notification.