Primary Day and more!

For those of us living in the Tilden neighborhood, we will not be voting on Thursday in our 74th Assembly District since there are no contested elections. Since you will now have lots of free time on Thursday, please volunteer to help in other areas where there are contested elections.

As of Thursday night, our long-serving Male District Leader, Steve Smollens, will be stepping down from his position. The Club thanks Steve for his years of service; I’d personally like to thank Steve for his educational, insightful and very funny political commentaries during our meetings. Having Steve with me at the table has been an honor. Steve (and his family) will remain active members of the Club.

I would like to welcome Sandro Sherrod, former Tilden President, as our new Male District Leader. He joins the Legendary Louise Dankberg, who is starting her 23rd year as Female District Leader.

Our first Fall meeting will be held at 7 pm on Thursday, September 17. As usual the meeting will be held at the Seamen’s Institute on Irving Place at 15th Street.

Best Wishes,

Mark P. Thompson

President, Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club