CORRECTED: Historic Meeting, Toys 4 Tots, Memberships & Judicial Inductions

Last night’s meeting was an historic occasion, as we were joined by the members of Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats (who were meeting downstairs). State Senator Liz Krueger spoke to the combined membership on a variety of topics, providing great insight, answering questions and revealing her brilliant wit. (We wish her a happy birthday.)

This get-together was fun and productive, and a good example – like our recent multi-club Presidential Forum – of how Democrats can work together for the common good. Let’s keep on that path!

You will be receiving information very soon on the 2015 Toys 4 Tots “Toyapalooza.” Our annual fundraiser is being held on Saturday December 12 from 1 to 3 pm at Paul and Jimmy’s (123 East 18th Street), between Irving and Park Avenue South. There are rumors of surprise guest appearances, including Vice President Greg Martello. Greg, we hope you are doing better and able to attend.

You will also be receiving membership renewal applications soon, and the form will also be posted on the website. Your 2016 Tilden Membership Cards are a-waiting  and you’ll be able to say “Yes, I am a card-carrying member of Tilden!”

Judicial inductions are underway. Congratulations to Justice Ta-Tanisha James who was inducted on November 19. The following inductions are coming up:

Arthur Engoron 12/3/15; 4:30 PM; 111 Centre Street

Tanya Kennedy; 12/10/15; 5:00 pm; 60 Centre Street

Lisa Headley; 12/11/15; 5:30 pm; Poet’s Den & Gallery, 309 East 108th Street

Raymond Bruce; 12/17/15; 4:30 pm; 60 Centre Street

Arlene P. Bluth; 1/7/16; 4:30 pm; 111 Centre Street (Judge Bluth is a former District Leader)

Lyle Frank; 1/14/16; 4:30 pm; 111 Centre Street (President Mark Thompson is honored to serve as MC for the induction)

Democratically Yours,

Mark P. Thompson


Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club