Election Day is Here – GO VOTE!

sticker_0After the seemingly never ending election cycle, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! Today we will bring closure to this process by voting. Pollsites in New York City will be open from 6AM to 9PM. High turn out is expected so plan a little extra time to do so.

To find your poll site or see a sample ballot use the online poll site locator tool.

While New York is not a battleground state, a high voter turnout here will be received as a rejection of the recent demagoguery and politics of hate. Please make sure you vote and then remind your friends and family who might be less likely to be engaged in the political process (for whatever reason) how important sending the right message about our future.

unknownIf you have any difficulty finding your poll site, difficulties while voting or know someone else who had,
please contact District Leader
Sandro Sherrod at 646-883-8683.
You might also call the NYC Board of Elections directly at 866-868-3692 to report problems.

After you vote, join us and our neighboring Democratic clubs at a watch party, starting at 7pm at Durden – 213 Second Avenue and 13th Street.