Election Chair’s Election Report

Hello Tildenites,

 As you know, our 2017 Elections will take place on Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 8:00 p.m., at The Seafarer’s Institute on 15th Street and Irving Place, 2nd Floor. The Elections are conducted by secret ballot.

 The following is a list of all of positions and the candidates running for those positions. Each candidate is a Tilden member in good standing:

 Position                                                Candidate

 President                                             Greg Martello

 Vice-Presidents                                    Wilber Weder

                                                     Claude L. Winfield

                                                     Michelle Winfield

 Recording Secretary

 Corresponding Secretary                     Steven Smollens

 Treasurer                                            Charles Sturcken

Executive Committee                           Ahsia Badi

                                                     Mollie Dunlap

                                                     Ellen Imbimbo

                                                     Laura Koestler

                                                     Jamie Kasi

                                                     Alan Krevis

                                                     Patricia Levenson

                                                     Laura Lopez

                                                     Bert Ongkeo

                                                     Angelica Perkins

                                                     Janice Plumer

                                                     Virginia Rosario

                                                     Mark Shapiro

                                                     Amelia Smollens

                                                     Brian Van Neuvanhoven

                                                     Ronnie White

                                                     Alicia Zanelli

 Thank you for your continued dedication to Tilden and our community!

Very truly yours,

The Elections Committee

Kathleen C. Waterman, Chairperson