Tilden October news, debate watch, general meeting and student survey

Dear Tilden,

Looking forward to seeing you in this busy month.

Tilden Presidential Debate Watch Party Tuesday, October 15th! 8pm
Shades of Green
125 E 15th St, New York, NY 10003

Tilden October General Meeting October 24th,  7:30 pm.
Seafarer’s International House at 123 E 15th ST

-Call to Order
-Adoption of Agenda
-President’s Report
-Discussion: November 4th Ballot initiatives
-Discussion: Tilden bylaw improvements in order to ease and modernize membership and renewal procedures (approved by Executive September 26)
-Committees reports
-President’s Report
-State Committeewoman Report
-President Report
-District Leader Report
-Old/New business

Save the Date: December 1st Holiday Party and April 2nd 2020 for our Annual Gala.

Request from Assemblymember Harvey Espstein’s Youth Council and Junior Tilden Member- Antalya Badi

Know any public school student? Right now, public school students are eligible to full fare, three-ride MetroCards. However, Student MetroCards are only valid to use between 5:30 am – 8:30 pm. State Assemblymember Harvey Epstein’s Youth Council is working toward extending student MetroCard time restrictions. Please help us collect data on this issue by filling out this form and sharing it with your friends!  Please share this link! 


Ahsia Badi, President


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