Street Fair

Tilden honored the Hon. Louise E. Dankberg in grand fashion today by showing up for one of her favorite events, the Samuel J. Tilden Street Fair!

Thank you to all who attended.  We interacted with the community, registered new voters, recruited new members, socialized, and spoke with our electeds.  Most of all we honored Louise and had a good time.

Thank you to everyone who attended today, you made the day a special one! 

Marion Aaron
Neil Barclay
Sarah Batchu
Linda Bess
Faith Bondy
Jacqueline Carson
Beryl Edgecombe
Marcia Goldstein
Brian Krist (judicial)
Gregory L. Lambert
Gus Lambropoulus
Myrna LePree
Laura Lopez
Kevin O’Keefe
Bert Ongkeo
Sylvia Oshypko
Nira Reiss
Eliot Rowlands
Allie Ryan
Cassandra Schriffen
Gerard Schriffen
Sandro Sherrod
Mark Shawhan (judicial)
Charles Sturcken
Mark P. Thompson
Tiffany Townsend and son
Deborah Stone
Michelle D. Winfield
Claude L. Winfield
Hon. Kristen Gonzalez
Hon. Carlina Rivera and family