Toys, Trees and Election Update

For those of you unable to view the recent Toys for Tots announcement, the event will be Sunday December 14 from noon – 3 pm at Paul & Jimmy’s (as it has been for several years), 123 East 18th Stret (between Park Avenue South and Irving Place). Tickets are $30 for members, and $50 for non-members. For more information email Please send your check to Pat Levenson at 444 East 20th Street #6D, NYC, NY 10009. Be sure to get your ticket early since the event fills up quickly. And remember, don’t bring toys to the event. Your ticket price will cover the donations.

Many members of Tilden are actively involved in the tree planting effort to beautify our neighborhood. If you haven’t been able to get out there and dig in the dirt, you now have a chance to help another way by adopting a tree bed. The map in this link shows trees recently planetd as a result of the work of some Tilden members (thank you, Claude L. Winfield!):  We wiill be sending out information soon on how to adopt the beds around those trees (and others) in our neighborhood. And now that you aren’t donating to hundreds of candidates anymore you can use your extra pennies to adopt a bed!

Lastly, 2015 renewal forms are in the mail. If you have not received one by early next week, please contact Mark Thompson, President, at or use the form available on the website.