Housing Clinic with Steve Smollens and Keith Wright Video

On Tuesday, February 10 (5:30-7:30) Councilman Corey Johnson will hold his monthly housing clinic. Our own Male District Leader Steve Smollens, Esq. will be providing advice and help that evening on a variety of housing matters, including landlord harassment/disputes, evictions, second hand smoke, heat, noise, therapy pets, and many others (it’s New York, so the possibilities are endless!). The clinic will take place at Councilman Johnson’s District Office (224 West 30th Street, Suite 1206). All advice is free so bring your issues, questions, and problems. We understand that Steve has arranged for no snow that evening!
City & State, one of New York’s leading political publications, recently interviewed Assemblyman Keith Wright. He sat down with Gerson Borrero to discuss Governor Andrew Cuomo’s planned trip to Cuba and his personal experiences visiting the country. If you would like to watch the interview, go to City and State’s website or cut and paste this link in your browser: