It’s Petition Time!

Yes, folks, once again it’s our favorite time of year .. Petition Time! For those of you who have done it before, you know what fun it is. For any newbies, come join and experience one iof the most important things that we do as club members.

Come to Seafarers Institute (123 East 15th Street at the northeast corner of Irving Place), where we meet each month, and pick up your lovely green petition sheets somtime between 7 pm and 8 pm.

We will begin petitioning Tuesday morning at 7:30 am, then head to breakfast after we finish. The locations are:

20th Street at First Avenue (southeast corner in front of Hane Japanese restaurant)

16th Street at First Avenue (northeast corner in Stuyvesant Town)

23rd Street at First Avenue (southeast corner near Starbucks)

During the coming weeks we’ll be joining other groups to petition in other areas.

See you Monday evening!


Mark Thompson