Tilden Resolution in favor of NYS Assembly bills A09108 and S6452-A


Resolution: In favor of New York State Assembly bills A09108 and S6452-A, whereby all primaries would be held in June.

Whereas, The New York State Assembly has passed a bill, A09108, to revise Sec. 8-100 (1) (a) of the State electoral law; and

Whereas, that bill is now before the New York State Senate as S6452-A; and

Whereas, said revision, inter alia, provides that all state and county party positions will be filled hereafter at primary elections on the Fourth Tuesday of June, currently the date for congressional primary elections; and

Whereas, said revision further provides that in years of presidential elections the electors to the national conventions of each party shall be chosen at a primary election on the First Tuesday of February of said years; and

Whereas, the cost of multiple primaries is an unnecessary burden to the taxpayer and are likely to discourage voters and result in reduced voter turnout; now

Therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club supports and urges the passage of S6452-A, with the added proviso that all state and county candidates for party or public office, including judicial candidates, be chosen in the primary election on the Fourth Tuesday in June.

Adopted unanimously on June 16, 2016.

Democratically yours,

Greg-Patric Martello

Tilden President