Message from the President regarding our annual meeting and election

Message from the President regarding our annual meeting and election

In order to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable annual meeting and election as President and Chair of the meeting I am appointing certain members to assist in carrying out certain tasks to accomplish this.

Since Charles Sturken is our Treasurer and his duty is to compile, approve and keep the list of members in good standing and Kate Waterman is the Chair of the elections committee and her duty is to carry out the details of the election itself I ask that our Treasurer Charles and our elections Chair Kate set up a table welcoming people and check off the members and hand out ballots.

The polls will open once either Charles or Kate arrive and will close at 9:00 p.m.

There will be no further campaigning.

I further ask Steve Smollens as Corresponding Secretary to collect all ballots using the ballot box which will be given to him. Members will be instructed to place their ballot in the box which Steve shall safeguard.

All ballots are to be secret and folded when given to Steve for the ballot box.

If either Charles, Kate or Steve cannot perform the tasks I have outlined please let me know so I can find a replacement.

I know we will have much to celebrate and a lot of goodies with which to celebrate with courtesy of our hospitality committee.

See you all Thursday.

Democratically yours,

Greg Martello