Club Election Results

The Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club held Club Elections on February 16, 2017 with the following results:


President:                              Greg-Patric Martello

Vice President:                      Wilbur Weder

                                                                  Claude L. Winfield

   Shelly Winfield

                   Recording Secretary:            Greg Lampert

Corresponding Secretary:    Steve Smollens

Treasurer:                              Charles Sturcken


Ahsia Badi

Mollie Dunlap

Ellen Imbimbo

Jamie Kazi

Laura Koestler

Alan Krevis

Pat Levenson

Laura Lopez

Bert Ongkeo

Angelica Perkins

Janice Plumer

Virginia Rosario

Amelia Smollens

Brian Van Nieuwenhoven

Ronnie White

Alicia Zanelli

I would like to congratulate all those who ran and won their respective positions in our club. I would also like to thank all the members whether they won or lost for participating in our election.  All of you have demonstrated a willingness to volunteer your precious time away from work and families to act in furtherance of Tilden’s goal to make our community and politics the best it can be.

#1 Club in New York!

Democratically yours,

Greg Martello, President