It’s a wrap! And it’s Demmytime!

On Monday evening more than thirty Tildenites braved the beautiful weather to gather and celebrate at Patrizia’s on Second Avenue. But why? Because they had all successfully gathered at least two green sheets of signatures that will help our candidates get onto this Fall’s ballot. Congratulations to everyone who helped with this Herculean effort! Louise Dankberg, our District Leader, is now in the process of binding the petitions and delivering them. (A special thanks to Louise since this is no easy task.) When all was done, Tilden gathered more than 1,500 signatures!

As you have heard, the internationally broadcast (well, maybe just on our smart phones …) Demmy Awards will be held at the American Airlines Theater on Monday July 13. Tilden is a finalist for the Club of The Year Award. While voting has closed, you can – and should – send in your late vote anyway. Send an email to and write “Tilden  Club of the Year” in the subject line. In the text, just write something like “I vote for Tilden as Club of the Year.” Every vote will help push us over the top. Ask all your friends and relatives to do it via a massive email. Let’s win this year! We deserve it!

Warmest Regards,

Mark P. Thompson

President, Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club