The Petition Wrap Party – Revised – and more urgent info!

Yes, the Petition Wrap Party at Patrizio’s will be July 6 … not July 22 – so you need to hustle yer bustle to get those two green pages of signatures. Be sure to doublecheck your calendar and bring in piles of names! Remember the top five petitioners get that super-duper prize!

Almost as important (some woulld dare to say even more important) is the voting for the Democratic Club of The Year. Tilden has a good shot at it since we are awesome .. but to win we need to have the most votes. So vote for Tilden and ask all your friends to do so. But how do you vote? It’s easy as betting on even more Republicans running for President. Simply write to and write ‘Club of the Year’ in the subject line. In the email state that you are voting for Tilden.

We have learned that this year’s Demmy’s will include a performance by Grammy Award winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari. Miri has performed with many superstars, including Kanye West, Donna Summer and Patti LaBelle.

We would like to send a big shout-out to Tildenite Richard Tsai, who is recuperating from very serious surgery. Richard is doing well and we send him best wishes and look forward to seeing him at The Demmys and The Petition Wrap Party!


Mark P. Thompson


Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club